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There are certainly contenders, but it's difficult to imagine a more important part of your vehicle than the tires. They are the base on which the rest of your vehicle is built, and these four brave warriors keep you and your fast moving metal off the asphalt and going where you want to go. Yet, they are often the most overlooked of all the parts that keep you moving. Over time, tires wear down and the part of the vehicle most responsible for keeping you moving the way you want to go can become less effective at doing exactly that. That is why it is so important to incorporate regular tire rotations and inspections at a qualified service center into your regular maintenance routine. Our experts here at Acura of Moncton know everything there is to know about tires, with a specialization in Acura vehicles of course, and with our expertise and specialized knowledge at your back, you'll be driving with confidence knowing that your base is on point and roadworthy.

What happens when your tires finally give it up? What do you do when your friendly service technician tells you it's time to get something new? Well, not to fear because when the time comes to replace your tires you can shop with confidence right here at Acura of Moncton knowing that we are the best place to find tires for sale in Moncton. With an incredibly knowledgeable staff and all of the major brands at competitive prices lining our shelves, we are Moncton's experts for everything tires, and we're standing by to help you find the perfect fit! Also, when the winter months come, you're going to want to be one of the smart ones with winter tires at the ready. In addition to selling new, high-quality winter tires, we also offer a very affordable seasonal tire storage program. This means that when the snow begins to fall you'll be ready to tackle it head-on. With all that in mind, no matter what your tire-related troubles are, we are the team in Moncton who have the knowledge, selection, and expertise you need to get you back on the road again. Come and see us any time right around the corner, we can't wait to meet you!

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Precision Quality Balancing

Now only


Your wheels are accurately balanced, with our computer assisted balancer.

We offer state of the art Roadforced Wheel Balancing.

Our balancing service reduces vibration and prevents uneven tire wear


Complimentary Tire Inspection


Free of Charge

We check your tires condition and tread depth.

We want to help prevent problems before they occur.

We inflate and torque your tires to proper specifications.


Seasonal Tire Storage

Now only


We offer storage for your off season tires!

No heavy lifting and lugging of tires required.

Say goodbye to dirty tires inside your clean car.

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