Brake Service

When it comes to professional brake services in Moncton, NB, you can count on the experts at Acura of Moncton. Not only do we offer competitively priced Acura brake services, but our service technicians are all well-versed in our brand's standards. You can expect speedy service when you come to us. We are here to ensure that your brake maintenance always meets factory standards. Schedule service now and enjoy the following:

  • Certified Acura technicians
  • Driver-friendly pricing
  • Professional Service Advisors

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How Often Should I Get My Brakes Checked?

When checking brakes, our service team will consider the weather conditions your car drives in, your driving patterns, and other factors. If you have questions, reach out to our service team. Our certified experts will look over the thickness of the pads and the wear of the calipers and drum hardware. If we detect that there is wear, we will immediately issue a replacement for you.

The Importance Of A Brake Fluid Flush

Most people don't realize the importance of a proper brake fluid flush. A brake fluid flush is needed because moisture can easily get inside your stopping system, which will cause rust. Rust will cause additional debris to get inside your brake fluid. Over time, all of the debris adds up, leaving your stopping system compromised. Any excess of debris can cause decreased stopping power. Otherwise, you might be at risk for an accidental collision. Keep your vehicle's stopping system working and stay safe by scheduling service with us.

Battery Service

Check out our battery service options in Moncton, New Brunswick now. Your car's battery is very important, as it provides power to your vehicle. There are car specific tips available that can help you get the most out of your current Acura Vehicle. Our first tip is to discuss any concerns with our service team.

How Often Should I Check My Car Battery?

If you're wondering how often you should check your vehicle's battery, it depends on the way you drive as well as weather impacts.

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How Many Years Do Batteries Last?

The perfect place for your car battery is a place that never gets hot with zero humidity. The reason for this is because warmer temperatures bring sulfation and water loss to your battery, causing damage.

However, nothing can extend your battery life more than proper auto care. We invite you to bring your vehicle to us for the occasional diagnostic.

Until then, make sure you keep your battery fully charged by remembering to turn your headlights and cabin lights off at the end of a drive.

If you own a newer Acura model, this shouldn't be an issue as many of our new luxury models do this automatically. Having plenty of accessories plugged into your vehicle will also eventually drain the battery.

If you own the luxury Acura MDX with Sport Hybrid option, you can expect to get many years out of your battery by keeping it in a cool, dry place.

Oil Change Service

If you need an oil change in Moncton, you've come to the right place. Here at Acura of Moncton, we know the importance of an oil change; we cannot stress this enough.

When you're looking to enjoy an oil change service at a fantastic price, we are confident that if you check out our website, you'll see that we have the service you're looking for.

Top Reasons Oil Changes Save Vehicles

Your engine must maintain engine lubrication to keep the moving parts from rubbing against one another. We know that oil changes remove engine wear, excess particles, and debris. However, did you know that oil changes can cool engine components as well? Overall, oil changes promote longevity, and that's why we need them.

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The Importance Of An Oil Change Service

After long, your oil stops breaking down, and it becomes dirty. Changing your oil will remove all of the dirt and grime that is impacting your oil. Oil and filter changes are significant to your vehicle's overall health.

Oil keeps your engine and parts lubricated, so that you can enjoy all of the performance your new or used Acura model can offer.

Oil change intervals can differentiate depending on how often you find yourself operating your vehicle. We invite you to talk with our service team about your driving habits. Our Acura service department can help you determine when it's the right time to schedule automotive service in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Since you're driving a luxury model, we highly recommend that you use high-grade oil. Get in contact with our state-of-the-art service team to learn more about the products we use.

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