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AcuraLink Features and Packages - A closer look

AcuraLink Features and Packages - A closer look

AcuraLink comes with various features for all Acura models. It is one of the best features to sign up for and brings with it various top benefits. This article will look at the various benefits AcuraLink offers and how it benefits you.

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Find Your Car

With the help of AcuraLink, you can now locate your car in a crowded parking area. You no longer have to worry about remembering where you parked your car. AcuraLink will give you your car location within the app itself.


You can now set regions for your vehicle and receive notifications whenever the car leaves or enters that region. This helps you keep tabs on your younger family members if they go out of a certain radius.


You can now get the complete concierge experience with AcuraLink. You can make hotel and restaurant bookings, along with airline reservations. You can even send navigation and confirmation information to your vehicle. This facility is available only with Navi-equipped models at the moment, though.

Remote Locking & Unlocking

You can now remotely lock and unlock the doors of your Acura with the help of AcuraLink’s app.

Remote Climate Control

You can now also automatically adjust the climate of your vehicle with the help of AcuraLink climate control. You can now step into a comfortable-feeling vehicle from the start of your journey.

Vehicle Locator

If your vehicle is stolen or missing, you can use the vehicle locator feature with AcuraLink to help authorities recover it.


The AcuraLink app is only compatible with certain operating systems and devices. You can check your phone’s compatibility before installing the app.


The remote package for AcuraLink costs about $129 a year. This includes remote lock and unlock, Geofence alert, vehicle locator, find my car, and more.

The security package costs about $99 a year. This includes a personal data wipe, virtual dashboard, emergency roadside assistance, and more. 

You can also opt for combo packages and save money. For example, you can purchase the security and remote package for $228 a year. This gives you a complimentary trial period for the security package for four years and a 90 day trial period for the remote package. Other combos include the remote and concierge package for $260 a year. This combo comes with a 90 day trial period.

You can also combine all three - remote, security, and concierge. It costs $359 a year. The remote and concierge package comes with a 90-day trial, while the security package comes with a four-year trial.


If you own an Acura vehicle, you should opt for the AcuraLink packages. These packages are amazing and can help safeguard you and your vehicle at all times. As you can see, you can opt for various packages as per your preference. The best part is these packages come with a trial period, so if you’re not interested in them, Acura will give you the money back right away.

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